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From Stockport to the Southern Hemisphere, Barry Mconnell has travelled the world searching for massive Eels. Barry McConnell is one of the leading Eel anglers in the UK with numerous entries on the National Anguilla Club's top 50 list, topped by an incredible fish of 9lb 2oz. Barry has also caught Eels from Austrailia and New Zealand well into double figures.

Barry is not all about Eel's, with a double figure Zander list of approaching three figures Barry is an impressive big fish angler through and through.

It's widely known that Eel's do not like resistance, Barry's search for the perfect bite indicator for resistance shy fish lead him to invent thee Rollover Indicator. A firm favourite amongst predator specialists and increasingly amongst the wider specialists.

You can find out more about the Rollover Indicator, and Zandavan's wider range of products.



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