Rollover Indicators (Patent Application Number GB2441954)
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The Rollover, the ultimate in resistance free bite indication.

Each rollover indicator comes as a kit, with weight spacer and chain, counter balance weight, standard bankstick adapter and "U" shaped pivot wire.

The standard bankstick adapter fits all bankstick's with a diameter of 14mm or less, however alternative larger adapters can be purchased form the spares section below.


All Prices include Postage and Packaging

Anodised Silver - sold out

Set of One
Set of Two
Set of Three
Set of Four

Anodised Red

Set of One
Set of Two
Set of Three
Set of Four

*Please note**

The following parts are inside every packet with the rollover indicator. You do not need to buy extra ones.

  • *Weight spacer and chain,

  • *Counter-balance weight,

  • *Standard (14mm) bank-stick adapter

  • *"U" shaped pivot wire.

You do not need to buy these they come with every rollover indicator. Larger bank-stick adapters (20mm & 22mm) to fit thicker bank-sticks can be purchased from the spares section below

** Bitte beachten Sie**

Die folgenden Teile sind im Lieferumfang des Rollover Bissanzeigers enthalten und müssen nicht extra bestellt werden:
verschiebbares Gegengewicht
Spacer für das Gegengewicht mit Kette
Standard Bankstick Adapter (14mm)
U-förmiger Klavierdraht

Bankstick Adapter für Banksticks mit größerem Durchmesser (20m & 22mm)  können aus den unten aufgeführten Ersatzteilen mitbestellt werden.

Rollover Spares
All Spares Prices include Postage and Packaging

Counter balance weights (anodized aluminium in red or silver) with s/steel thumbscrew for counterbalance weight.        


Bankstick attachment in black with s/steel thumb wheel

Small (14mm hole) standard bankstick's
Bankstick Attachment
Medium (20mm hole) thicker bankstick's OUT OF STOCK!
Large (22mm hole) Fits over Power point

Galvanized chain fitted with spacer tube & 2 s/steel split rings       


U-bend pivot wire (2mm dia s/steel wire & 2 soft rubber beads)


300mm lengths of 2mm stainless steel rod (wire) for DIY               

Postage and Packaging is Included in all prices

Rollovers and Spares can also be purchased by sending a cheque to:

Zandavan Productions,
Thorncroft, Park Road, Chapel en le Frith, High Peak, SK23 0LL

If you are not satisfied with the product, please send it by return post within 14 days of purchase and payment will be refunded in full.
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