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A New Backbiter Style Alarm - Tilt Switch Activated


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Features Include

A narrow design with controls on the front.
100mm high, 50mm wide, in black.
Forward and drop-back indication.
Tilt-switch sensor.
Super loud 95db speaker.
Adjustable volume control.
12 inch flex-lead to sight bob.
Detatchable sight bobbin.
Star/beta light chamber.
10g removeable weights.
Adjustable line clips.
Red 5mm L.E.D.
x2 Terry clips for bank stick mounting.
2.5mm Jack socket, ATTX compatible.
On/off switch in waterproof housing.
Uses 9v battery (not included).

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 999 Alarm


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A tilt-switch activated miniature drop-off alarm that fits on the rod with a  buzzer, led light, adjustable line clip and batteries. Weatherproof, robust and made to last.

The alarm was originally designed to go on the rod. It has a bracket that is clamped to the rod with the rubber ‘o’ rings provided.  The adjustable line-clip is attached to the line in such a position where the tilt switch, which is next to the line clip near the end of the flex, is raised above horizontal. Then, when the line is pulled out of the clip, the flex drops down to activate the tilt switch. The indicator tucks neatly out of the way beneath the rod where the flex doesn’t get in the way when casting or winding in.

Fits on the rod and is handy for roving, rod hopping and stalking.
Put a 999 on the rod and leave the banksticks behind when roving, stalking or travelling light to remote waters.
Put a 999 on the rod for boat fishing when space is limited or when taking a static fishing break from trolling
The alarm does not have to be attached to the rod.  It can be attached to any bank-stick or pod.

Handy to carry as a back-up alarm

Or just raise it slightly off the
ground on top of something such as a bait container, so that when it drops down the tilt switch will trigger the alarm.

999 Alarms

Batteries for the 999 Alarm

The alarm takes two 1.5v alkaline button batteries which come under many different names such as LR41, GP192 and AG3. All are compatible with the 999 alarm
These should be inserted with the plastic sleeve still around them.
Do Not remove the plastic sleeve before inserting the batteries.

To replace the old batteries in the original shrink sleeve:
Remove the two old batteries by pushing them out of the retaining plastic sleeve then slide two new ones inside the sleeve.

Batteries in shrink sleeve ready to go straight in to the alarm.
These batteries are supplied in pairs with a plastic sleeve around them. They are ready to put straight in to the 999 alarm.
1st class, large letter postage costs included in total price
10 batteries (5 pairs) £4.00

Tagging Gun

Tags, Hooklink & Gun
Trace, Hook & Nylon tags
Push needle through root on tail of baitfish
Place hooklink ring over needle & pull trigger
Finished article. Quick, simple, effective.
  • A handy item for predator anglers to attach the bait with a simple pull of the trigger
  • Hair rig using a 20mm nylon tag as the hair so that the hook doesn’t go into the bait, thereby allowing the hook to become hinged and have more free movement.
  • Fix a small ring to the trace/hook. Can be used with trebles, singles or doubles.
  • Good for livebait attachment – having no metal hook in the bait reduces stress to the livebait. Less handling of live fish.
  • Good for deadbait attachment. No need to handle the bait thereby reducing the chance of anything on the hands contaminating the bait, whilst also reducing damage to soft fragile baits.
  • Quick, easy and handy to use which helps keep the hands out of the cold – especially appreciated when using frozen deads or livies straight out of the bucket on a frosty morning.
  • Can also be used to attach worms, boilies and all manner of baits.

Tagging Gun Starter Kit £14.50

1 Tagging Gun

1 Spare Needle

250 Nylon Tags

Refill Packs
Pack of 400 Nylon Tags
Pack of 1000 Nylon Tags

Postage and Packaging is Included in all prices

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