Snig Twig - Mug


An anti-gorge eel gag

         The eel is in decline.

         A deep hooked eel is likely to die. It has a main artery located at the back of its throat, just over inch from the corner of its mouth. If this is severed the eel will bleed to death.

         The Snig Twig is long enough and sufficiently rigid to deter the eel from mouthing it.

         A length of clear plastic tube is supplied. Cut it into suitably sized lengths and then thread two pieces onto the trace. Push the twig between them, fixing it to the trace.

         Position the twig on the trace, up to inch away from the hook: any further away and the eel can get the baited hook into its mouth at the corner and from there it may reach the back of its throat.

         The twig can be used with any rig and will make the rig safe to the eel. Simple! And effective!

         Use of the twig needs popularising for the sake of eel conservation and to make eel angling friendlier in the current times when recreational eel angling with rod and line is under threat.

         The snig twig has been field tested with bunches of worms for bait and found to be 100% effective.

         Only suitable for worms and small baits such as half a prawn or live or dead baits up to 2 -inch-long.

         Not suitable to use with big live or dead baits.  





Snig Twig (small) Strip of 12 twigs. Price 5.00 - freepost

Medium Twig Bag of 7 twigs. Price 5.00 - freepost

Big Twig Bag of 4 twigs. Price 5.00 - freepost

Exclusive Coffee Mug Gift

Featuring a unique Eel design from Zandavan Productions

Not available on the high street!

7.00 each including P&P - Individually packed in a tough box

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