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Catch and Release Eels in Australia

Join our two globe-trotting anglers on their six week adventure and witness them catch some of the world’s largest freshwater eels, the Australian Long-fin Eel (Anguilla Reinhardtii).


First they drive up a notoriously dangerous mountain road, The Barry Way, into the Snowy Mountains. They then go on to fish for big eels amongst a surround of beautiful scenery at cold water dams in New South Wales. The second DVD takes us on a hunt for eels in a variety of rivers in Victoria.


 Many eels are caught in front of the camera and there are some lively incidents at the landing net as they try to land big eels weighing 17, 18, and 19lb with the biggest of 21lb 10ozs.


Running time:

 Part One: 59 minutes.

Part Two: 49 minutes.



9.99 Including P&P


Zander at Dawn

Graham Howes & Barry McConnell exploring the Fens in the Zandavan catching plenty of zander including double figure zander to 14lb+ and the occasional pike to 19.08.

Running Time 60 min. Zandavan Productions 2002  

         Watch free on Youtube                   


British Eel Anglers Club Fish-ins 1989



Part 1 - Watch free on Youtube

Part 2 - Watch free on Youtube

Part 3 - Watch free on Youtube



 Angling for Big Eels In Australia

Pete Drabble & Barry McConnell in Australia. Eels over 20lb

Running Time 60 min. Zandavan Productions 2003

Watch free on Youtube


A Quest for the Long-Fin Eels of New Zealand

A set of two DVD’S

which covers an eel angling exploration adventure  on New Zealand’s South Island. Pete Drabble & Barry McConnell catch plenty of double figure eels.
Part one - Heaven & Hell and Part Two - Summer in February     
Running Time 60 min per DVD = 120 min 

Zandavan Productions 2001    



Slime Fever In Australia

 Another adventure from the Zandavan Productions team.  Pete Drabble and Barry McConnell visit some reservoirs in New South Wales hoping to catch some massive eels. They recorded some of the events that occurred while camping by the waters edge for  a month and produced an entertaining mix for this DVD.

Running time - 61 minutes


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